Not My Best Day: What I Learned

Mandy Vevers
4 min readMay 13, 2021
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Today has not been my best today because my morning routine was out of sync, and unfortunately, that seems to have had a flow-on effect.

I know I have all these tools I can use to help get me back on track. Why am I not using them?

That’s a good question, but first, let me tell you about my day.

Last night I took a tablet for hay fever, and one side effect is making you sleepy, and I woke up groggy. Hence, my alarm woke me in the morning. It’s good the alarm woke me, but I prefer to wake up before it goes off. Not a good start because it meant I was in a rush. The grogginess of the tablet was lingering, meaning I was slow-moving.

My son left late too late to catch the bus for school.

I knew there was no way we could catch it, so I decided to try and intercept it at another point of the route. Our bid to get to the bus was thwarted by two slow trucks in front of us. I ended up driving him to school.

I had a disagreement with my partner not long after I returned home from school drop off. This is one area that seems to throw me every time. It takes me a while to boost my spirits afterwards. I don’t like having disagreements with anyone, especially when I feel that it’s me who is letting people down. I can be hard on myself, and sometimes I forget to be kind to myself.

I was supposed to attend an online seminar. I could not find the link to log in. I eventually found it at 5 pm today. I have no idea why it was not to be found at midday. I decided to try and write something instead. All I had was a blank page. Nothing was happening. I am not to the point of writing blogs well in advance of publishing. Something I will want to change.

Time flies, even when you are not being productive. My daughter had an appointment, and it was time to leave. I had not had anything to eat for lunch, and I was severely craving coffee. I quickly cooked some toast and made coffee to go. Running late, we get into the car, and I can’t get it to go into reverse. What!! We roll out the driveway and head for the appointment. I figure I will work out the reverse problem while she is at her appointment.

We arrive at her appointment, and it’s my time to relax and have coffee.

Mandy Vevers

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